STAMP DUTY CHANGES: Means big savings on your new Gilbert and Goode home


Big savings on your new Gilbert and Goode home.

Following today’s Chancellor announcement, a temporary
holiday on stamp duty on the first £500,000 of all property sales is in place
for England and Northern Ireland, and offers major saving opportunities to home

The level at which tax is charged has been temporarily
raised until March 2021 to £500,000 supporting buyers to make their new home
dream a reality.

The changes have come in with immediate effect.

What has changed for you?

The government has increased the lower stamp duty threshold
to £500,000 for property sales in England and Northern Ireland.

This means any buyers purchasing a home as their primary residence will
not incur stamp duty charges on the first £500,000 as long as the deal is completed before 31 March

Many second home buyers and buy-to-let investors will also
benefit from these cuts, only paying the relevant second home duty on their

On top of this, Gilbert and Goode have committed to pay the
remainder of Stamp Duty fees on any Lannanta Forge home, for a limited period
and when bought as a primary residence. T&C’s apply. Please speak with our
Sales Executive for more details on 01726 64800.